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“Celebrating Nature’s Beauty with a Brush”, Main Line Times, USA.

“Wall Flowers”, Main Line Times, USA.

“L’artista Maya Starr espone alla Pro Loco”, La Vallée Notizie, Valle d’Aosta, ITALY.

“Dollmaker Specialize in Unique Gifts”, Main Line Time, USA.

“Il paradiso di Maya”, Gazette Matin, ITALY.

“Maya Starr da Challand al Giappone”, Cultura & Spettacolo, Tutto Vallée, ITALY.

“French Corner Opens New Shop”, House & Garden, USA.

“Maya Starr espone a Verrès”, Corriere della Valle d’Aosta, ITALY.

“French Corner in Haverford Schedules Paris - Style Event” Main Line Times, USA.

“The aspiring artist”, The Japan Time, JAPAN.

“Maya Chabrol Starr. Viaggiatrice per amore, artista naïf per passione”, La Stampa, ITALY.

“Rêve d'artiste”, Club des Chats des Forets Norvégiennes, FRANCE.



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